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Egbil.se is a platform on which car dealers can easily choose a car. You can search for cars on the offered web pages or choose from our list. Also you can advertise on our website, but for this you need to create a free account, it will not take long!

With us, you can easily find a car that suits you, without having visited for this a huge variety of different car dealerships. On our site you can also filter out cars available for sale for various attributes, such as color, geographical proximity, model year, etc. If you find the car yourself and need assistance with paperwork, transportation or purchase for export from Sweden, please contact us.

Do you need parts for cars or do you want to buy a car that requires repair? You can also find it on our website.

We are actively engaged in exporting cars from the Baltic States and establishing contacts both between traders and private individuals. In addition, we offer imports from the US and Canada, where we have the opportunity to bid at almost all auctions. Please contact us for more information or go to the page to make the first step!